Try the LexisNexis Digital Library

Have you had a chance to check out an ebook from the Ramsey County Law Library?  Minnesota attorneys can now research from their homes or offices by using the online LexisNexis Digital Library hosted by the Ramsey County Law Library.

The Lexis Digital Library allows users to access titles that the Ramsey County Law Library has in its print collection.  Some of the popular titles available include

  • Minnesota Family Law Practice Manual
  • Minnesota Residential Real Estate
  • Pirsig on Pleading
  • Stein on Probate

Also included are the Lexis Practice Guides that provide concise answers to walk you through common issues in a specific area of Minnesota law. 

A title that was just added to the product is Dunnell Minnesota Digest, an essential source to use at the beginning of the research process.  We’ve also added new titles that are available only on the Digital Library platform. 

A complete list of titles that are in the LexisNexis Digital Library is posted here, or you can call the law library to ask questions. 

Remember – all attorneys registered to practice in Minnesota can access this useful research tool.  Contact the library via phone at 651-266-8391 or via email at to set up your account. 


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