Illustrated_Guide_to_Criminal_Law_-300x300While not the most scholarly treatise on our shelves, the Library now possesses The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law (Jones McClure 2012). In this book criminal lawyer Nathaniel Burney explains via illustration Legal concepts such as punishment, rehabilitation, deterrence and retribution. He attacks and destroys the common myths and misunderstandings surrounding criminal law (i.e. the mistaken belief that an undercover cop must reveal being a cop to a suspect or else it is entrapment). The legal layperson reading this book for fun and excitement will actually have a firm grasp of criminal law on completion. (Don’t be too quick to scoff at illustration as a tool for legal communication. Last year an amicus brief was submitted to the U.S. District Court of New York, which was completely executed in comic book format.)

While it won’t replace more conventional treatises on criminal law, this book is a gem with its own unique appeal. It’s not only handy tool for students or laypeople seeking an understanding of criminal law concepts, but an irresistible comic book-style read for legal professionals in need of a superhero fix.

More information about this book can be found at Burney’s website.


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